Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back to the ER

On Feb 8 the home nurse came to weigh Dylan and he had started to lose weight so her and the pediatrician suggested we take him back to the er. To be honest we no longer knew what to do for Dylan, he would maybe hold down one or two feeding a day. He was miserable and we were so concerned and just wanted an answer. Its a horrible feeling to see your child suffering and you cant help or fix it.

So we went back into the er at Beaumont and they took some blood and it looked fine but they will admit an infant if they are losing weight bc of failure to thrive. So i spent the next three nights in the hospital with him with absolutely no answers still. They consulted with GI specialists and the nuero surgeons. One morning they took a blood from his heal and his potassium levels were high and they rushed him to the PICU and did a EKG of his heart bc he could have had cardiac arrest. Well they took another sample in a few hours and it was still high. They failed to mention that when you take a heel poke the results are usually inaccurate. So they tryed getting a vein and couldn't find one bc of all his months in the hospital prior to that and they pretty much used all his viable veins. The doctor had to get a blood sample from his groin and the results came back normal. So they were going to send us back to the pediatric floor and Sal and I had just about had enough with the whole situation. We did not enjoy living at the hospital and we were moving further and further away from an answer. Nobody was willing to run any tests to see what was going on. And not to mention Dylan had probably caught something being in the hospital bc he now had a horrible cough. We then started talking about a transfer to U of M and had Dylan transfer ed there by ambulance on Friday.

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