Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Cast

November 23, 2009

Dylan got his first set of casts put on today to correct his clubfeet. He was such a champ and did not cry once. I hope it wont be too hard on him because he has been so used to having his legs and feet free. Where as Brady did not get too long to become used to it since he was casted 6 hours after he was born. Dr. Seteserri will come out once a week on Mondays and continue to cast until his feet are in the correct position.

He is still going strong with his breathing so the next move will be to move the feeding tube back to his stomach. He has been throwing up a little so we are hoping this does not delay the doctors from trying to move the tube up for gastric feeds. The concern would be his aspirating and the fluid getting int his lungs and it causing pneumonia. We are praying that that wont happen and that he will be able to digest the food now because this will bring us just a little bit closer to bringing him home.

He also sat in a bouncy seat for the first time and tolerated it pretty well. At least he can get a different view of his room now which is the only place he has seen in his 6 and a half weeks of life.

Thank you for all your support and prayers. God Bless.

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