Monday, November 2, 2009


The past 6 months of our lives has been a real roller coaster of emotions. It all began when I went to my 20 week ultrasound and discovered my new baby had the same condition as Brady, which was clubfoot. We were shocked that it happened again and the doctor told us there may be more going on since it happened again. He advised us to go see a geneticist and after a few weeks we went in for a blood test for Brady. The doctor could not seem to pinpoint anything and was running a variety of different tests, including one for myotonic muscular dystrophy. He told us he was going to test for that...just to rule it out. Low and behold two weeks later I get a phone call that would change the course of mine and my families life.

I was going about my day when I received the diagnosis which was that Brady had myotonic muscular dystrophy and that most likely the new child would have it also. This disease affects everyone very differently so there was no concrete facts that the doctors were able to tell us. That is the hardest part for us. The doctors are very optimistic when they see how great Brady is doing so that gives us hope for his future. And since Brady is a champ we thought if our next child has it and he or she is like Brady it would not be the worst thing. Although we still had hope and faith that this would not be the fate for our unborn child. But on October 1, 2009 we quickly realized that our beautiful baby boy may also be faced with this disease and have it much worse then Brady.

You expect your life to go a certain way and one day you realize you are a completely diffrent path and its not the one you expected and its not easy but this is life and we learn to deal with it the best we know how. We are so grateful for our children and will give them the best life they could ever dream of. They have all the love from everyone around them and we are also thankful to you all for being there for us.

A few weeks after Dylan was born we decided to start a blog with all his updates so all our family and friends would be able to see all his progress. Thanks for all your prayers and support...we love u all!

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