Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 9, 2009

So we decided yesterday that we are going to go ahead with the g tube. A g tube is basically a tube that is surgically inserted into his stomach that will allow us to feed him through.

Things moved along very quickly because the surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I guess its better so we don't have to keep thinking about it and we can begin to move forward. This way we don't have to worry if he is taking in enough food and we can slowly work on his oral feeds without stressing him out too much. He does not yet have the strength to eat enough food and hasn't yet even been able to try. When his oral feeds are doing well the gtube can get taken out, well it will close on its own. The doctors said the only thing holding him back from coming home was the feeding situation. We are now hoping we will be abl to bring him home soon.

He will have to be re intubated again which is horrible but necessary and he will hopefully be off of it fairly quickly. His casts were removed on Monday so he could get up to date on his immunizations because they administer them in the muscle of the thigh. They were going to recast today but the dr thought that he didn't want to put him under too much stress so we will probably put them back on next week.

I will keep you all posted tomorrow. Please say an extra prayer for Dylan tonight.

Thanks for your support and prayers. God Bless.

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