Thursday, December 10, 2009

G Tube

December 10, 2009

Today Dylan got his g tube surgery. He was wheeled down to the second floor in an incubator that he hardly fit in:) He was pretty confused since he hasn't seen anything besides his room in over two months. He was really awake in pre-op for over an hour, he was edible. I just wanted to snatch him and run.
He needed to be reintubated because of the anaesthesia since it would slow his breathing down. They did that after they put him to sleep so it wasn't too uncomfortable. After an hour the doctor came out and said the surgery was a success and they were going to wheel him back to his room. He was actually awake which was surprising because of all the medication. It was VERY hard seeing him intubated again and you could tell he wasn't too happy about it either.
About five hours after surgery the doctors decided to take him off the ventilator because all his respirator numbers were looking great and he was breathing over the ventilator which gave them the push to extubate. As soon as they did he crashed!...He stopped breathing and his heart rate was plummeting quickly. The doctors started to bag him immediately to revive him (pretty much meaning they did cpr) and they were about to call cardio up when he starting responding. I guess he just needed a jump start and to keep everyone on there feet. It was very frightening to see that happen to your child right in front of your eyes. I think Sal and I lost 5 years of our life from that and we also needed a jump start to begin breathing again. After that the doctors and nurses stuck around for awhile to make sure he was stable again, and he was!...He started to do great but I still couldn't leave him. I stayed till 8 tonight until he was dressed and back in his crib and ready to sleep. His nurse Carol was a Godsend today and kept us sane. We are so blessed to have such wonderful nurses to help us get through these difficult times. I know it is there job but they really do go above and beyond for there patients, especially for Dylan because they have built a strong connection with is hard not too:) So after a long day we thank God for making it a successful one!!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. God Bless!


  1. Hey Amanda..

    I know it was hard for you guys to make the decision. And seeing Dylan need assisted breathing is overwhelming.... That happened to Hamsa when she was with Steve while he was in the NICU and she was totally freaked out.

    If you guys need anything, let us know..


  2. Wow, what an experience! So thankful that all went well in the end. My thoughts and prayers are always with you guys!